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asma , 24 year old lady and a tumblr-holic from Bahrain, Leo , Into music and movies , huge supernatural + Big Bang Theory +PLL fan

Yesterday was my birthday , i woke up scanning my instant messages and found a link from my best friend. the link was this video that she made for my birthday.

we met through a mutual friend and via facebook a friendship started , we share alot of similarities , tastes and amazingly even BRAIN (well we think alike alot and sometimes we say the exact same thing at the exact same time). it was refreshing to find another human being that knows what you’re going through , and to know i’m not the only mental person in this world hahahahha i usually felt mess understood and mess placed.

we struck a friendship for 7 years give or take but we never met face to face because we live in different countries ( i live in bahrain and she lives in a country nearby which is Saudi Arabia) but that didn’t became a barrier. we talk on a daily basis so its like i’m living with her family and she’s living with mine , i even became best friends with her sister (she’s just as amazing, wonderful and lovable as her sister). for years they were my support group , my twin sisters and the best mirror to my soul (they introduced me to the magical world of tumblr) 

I read somewhere that you can not choose your family but you can choose your friends … well i believe they make an exception to this rule cause i’ve found an extended family in them.  i know i’m blessed to have such warm people in my bath. 

i know i told you yesterday i was speechless due to the surprise you two made for me but what’s written above express 1% of my feelings… i just needed time , proper words and a secure secret place like tumblr.


To > mayoos and justmeclassy

with an infinite love

asma ;) 

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Its my birthday 29th of july and im a proud leo ♡..

Age is merely a number 👸, the important thing is to love yourself the way you are, to respect yourself for the person you have become and to enjoy your life cause tomorrow is not guaranteed. Allow yourself to love and be loved and dont forget to give back. ( the last one is because i believe in karma 😹)